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Trace G.
Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Fashion Designer~
On top of it all, I am currently aiming to be a teacher as my secondary job :)

I sleep, I eat and I play! You live life once, so why not make it the best and give it your best?

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Nyongtory - Sober by G-Trace
Nyongtory - Sober
A Jiyongie you can't see his eyes at all during any Sober performances because of that big fluffy hat! And Sober is also one of those songs for MADE concerts that he's all touchy with Seungri :) These two are my sunshine!
Nyongtory - Stupid Liar by G-Trace
Nyongtory - Stupid Liar
Nyongtory Fanart for Stupid Liar ~ this was from the time when Riri was all touchy touchy on Jiyongie but the dragon decided he was hungry and wanted a bite out of the panda :)
Bigbang Halloween by G-Trace
Bigbang Halloween
This is late upload but I still wanted to share it here on dA. 

Happy belated Halloween ~ I did share this before Halloween on my Tumblr though :)    
AllRi Chibi Fanart MADE era by G-Trace
AllRi Chibi Fanart MADE era

This literally took forever because I drew so many at once! Usually I only draw like a few here and there but drawing each one really took a lot of energy, hence took forever to finish as well. I also took a few breaks here and there (watching anime/reading manga …. hahaa) xDD

So what do you guys think? Do you love my #AllRi chibi fanart? I also finally got a watermark for the background just to annoy some people haha. But it’s cute isn’t it? 

These were all the moments during MADE that I adore the most where the hyungs interacted with Riri. Can you guys list them all? :) There were actually so many to choose from! But I think some really stood out more than others. I think MADE era has proven once again that Riri is special in BigBang and cannot be replaced ever. It’s just so adorable their interactions with one another and seriously, they’re all friendship/family goals in life. I was going to also make individual wallpapers for them but ~ I decided that will wait :) 

Anyways, last but not least, please DO NOT use my fanarts for commercial usage or edit in/out anything. You may share on other social media sites (not that I can even control it) but please please credit back properly to me because I will actually catch people who doesn’t in the end. I have all SNS there is out there, just lurking to catch people xD You guys make think I’ve overreacting but I can’t stress enough that crediting properly to artists is very important because each and every single one of use, especially fan-artists does this for non-profit purposes because we want to share our love for the group within the fandom. So, as members of the same fandom, please respect us and credit properly. 


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